What a beautiful girl and beautiful candid shot!

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Biggest Shooters Countdowns


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Drum roll please… and #1 Peter North facial goes to already featured Jewel Denyyyyyllle! What does she win?! She won when it hit! About 2 and a half shot glasses of cum in her mug! This is the perfect facial, shades or not! That concludes this countdown…

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Repost2. By far and away my favorite PN facial. Features Tiffany Storm. 2 angles. This is what facial is about!

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Honorable Mention:

Featuring my favorite vintage starlet Gail Force. Back shot!

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3. This is the most jizz I’ve ever seen this guy expell. Hot scene With Anita Blonde but not numero uno. It’s flying!

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4.I dont know this womens name but  her tits  and tight pussy are smoking! This whole little orgy scene is hot. The other hotttie was so inquisitive about the facial too. Pete was highly excited throughout this scene and it shows.

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5. Isis Nile gets a full force PN facial. The camera angle, her beauty, body and dark hair make this facial near perfect. Love Isis!

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5.5 This pov jerk off instructional facial is crazy! The splashback off of Jewels face is something…

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6. Isis Taylors beauty+massive semen load=classic…This is impressive and very rare for his old ass these days. Ropes!

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7. Vicca didnt stand a chance. Point blank blasts to the face…nobody else would take it straight on like that. He needed OJ glove for this facial!

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8. PN doesn’t discriminate, soaking all faces alike an this was his biggest ebony facial I’ve seen. Classic reaction.

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9. Another flying semen assault on one of the best cocksuckers in the biz at the time(Francesca Le) . The background womens reaction is classic!

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10. Cracking the top 10 is another unknown porn whore who’s shades really take away from how really massive this thing is. This one could have been a top 5 without the shades but is a solid 10 because of it’s nostalgia and massiveness.

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For the record…
Brit Morgan wasn’t technically a dodger be cause she took many a facial but she kinda is because she always took the North load into her mouth. Few facials shots.  :)

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